Filter-Monster Story

Who We Are

Big brands put their name on products without paying attention to quality. They use HEPA-Type materials instead of True HEPA or produce water filters that don't filter out contaminants.

We know, because we have 25 years of experience working for these big brands. 

We believe your air and water should be healthy so you can live your best life. Filter-Monster manufacturers the highest quality of filters on the market which meet or exceed the quality of OEM brands. And we have better prices. 

How does that sound?

Why People Choose Filter-Monster

  • Who wants to pay for shipping? We offer FREE shipping on all orders over $49.
  • Our products meet or exceed the quality of OEM brands, but we have a much lower price. 
  • If you have a question, our US Based Customer Service team is here to help. Give them a call: (888) 962-6245. 
  • When you purchase & use a Filter-Monster air purifier filter, we'll extend the warranty of your air purifier. Learn more here.
  • Subscribe and never set a reminder to change your filter again!

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