Why You May Need to Change Your HVAC Filter... Like Now.

Why You May Need to Change Your HVAC Filter... Like Now.

March 2024 is just around the corner already! Time flies when you're having fun. You know what else is fun? Changing your HVAC filter (insert sound of claps and hollers here)!

Okay, you may not describe that as "fun," but it's an important responsibility of being a homeowner and should be done every 3 months - at least. Some experts say every 30 to 60 days, but this depends on environmental conditions, how many pets you have, size of house, etc. Most people don't think to change the filter until something goes wrong. By then, it could be too late. Don't be one of those people. Now you're asking, "What could happen if I don't change my HVAC filter?" The answers are mostly common sense, but we'll walk through the consequences anyway.

1. Filters get clogged. Shocking, we know. All those nasty particles, dust, hair, and other stuff get trapped in the filter and create a nearly impenetrable barrier. This means the air cannot flow through the system properly causing a domino effect of issues. 

2. Hope you have an umbrella because you're going to make it rain when that energy bill comes in. When the air can't flow through the system, the system has to work harder and longer to distribute heat and air where needed. This can cause your energy bill to skyrocket.

3. Health concerns become real. All those gross particles that aren't getting trapped in the filter because the filter is too clogged will get released back into your breathing air. Headaches, dizziness, and allergy-like symptoms are the usual effects, but bigger issues can arise. 

4. The mother of them all - furnace failure. Because the system is working harder than ever to get around clogged filters, it could say "Nah, I'm done," and break down from overworking. If you thought the high energy bill was cringe, you don't want this to happen. Air filters usually cost under $75. Replacing your furnace? Anywhere up to $12,000. Ouch. 

In conclusion, if you can't remember the last time you changed your HVAC filter, we recommend buying one right now. Unless you like living on the edge. 

Make sure to figure out what filters you need so you don't waste time and money buying the wrong ones. If you don't even know where to find the filter, you might have bigger problems. We recommend contacting a HVAC pro. 

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  • Ashley Kelso