Replacing Air Purifier Filters

Replacing Air Purifier Filters

Air purifiers are great at trapping the dust, pollen and pet hair floating around your home. However, once these particles are trapped in your air purifier, they are stored in the filter. Over time these particles build up and decrease the efficiency of the air purifier. That's why it is important to regularly change your filters. 

Types of Filters

Most air purifiers use a combination  of multiple filters to clean your home’s air, including a HEPA filter and a carbon pre-filter. A High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter must satisfy certain standards of efficiency, according to the United States Department of Energy. In order for a True HEPA filter to meet this standard, it must remove 99.97% of particles from the air as small as 0.3 microns in size. 

How Your Filters Work 

All of the filters work together to clean your home’s air. The air passes through the filters, trapping air particles inside. The pre-filter helps reduce odors and maximizes the life of the HEPA filter. The lifespan of the filters varies, but typically the HEPA filter will last longer than the pre-filter.  Eventually, all of this build-up is why you need to replace your filters periodically . Doing so keeps your air purifier running efficiently. 

Filter Replacement

Although it depends on the specific filter you have, typically HEPA filters should be replaced every 6-12 months, depending on the air quality and environmental factors in your area. If you have bad allergies, lots of pets, live in a city or an area that is suffering from wildfires, you may want to change the HEPA filter more often. 

Carbon pre-filters should be replaced more often since they help capture larger particles and extend the life of the HEPA filter. We suggest changing the pre-filters every 3 months, once again depending on the air quality and environmental factors in your area.

At Filter-Monster, we like to make it easy on you when it comes to changing your air purifier filter. We offer a filter subscription program where you can sign up to have your replacement filters delivered to your front door on a regular basis, so you never have to remember on your own again. 

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