How-To: Replacing your Coway Air Purifier Filter

How-To: Replacing your Coway Air Purifier Filter

The filter in your air purifier is the ultimate cleaner. It traps those pesky particles and allergens that cause you to cough and sneeze. It's crucial that you replace and clean your air purifier filter on depending on your air purifier’s user manual. When the filter is dirty, air won't be able to pass through which means your air purifier can’t work to the best of its ability. 

Here's how to replace your Coway Airmega air purifier filter:

Step 1:

Power off your air purifier and make sure it is unplugged before you begin. 

Step 2:

Remove both side covers and then remove the pre-filters. Press the two tabs at the top of the pre-filters to remove them from the air purifier. 

Step 3:

Remove the old filter from the unit. We recommend placing this in a bag so it doesn’t release all of the dirty air back into your space. 

Step 4:

Remove your Filter-Monster replacement filter from the packaging. Make sure the green side of the filters face in. Place the bottom side of the filter into the air purifier and push the top of the filter firmly with your hand until they are securely in place. Repeat this for both sides of the air purifier.

Step 5:

Snap both pre-filters back into place. Then attach both side covers.

Step 6: 

Turn your air purifier on and hold the Filter Change button for 3+ seconds on the control panel to reset the filter indicator.

Now that you feel confident with replacing your Coway air purifier filter, browse Filter-Monster replacement filters compatible with Coway air purifiers to maximize efficiency.

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  • Alex Price