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How-To: Replacing your Alen Air Filter

How-To: Replacing your Alen Air Filter

Your Alen air purifier collects a lot of tiny particles in your home, but what happens to those particles? If you have ever wondered how your air purifier is filtering out all those particles and allergens, the answer is simple: They get trapped in the filter. That's why it's so important to clean your filter or replace it depending on your air purifier’s user manual. When the filter is dirty, air can't pass through the filter, which means the air purifier won't clean to the best of its ability. 

When to Replace: 

The Alen Air BreatheSmart FIT50 has a filter indicator light on the control panel that will display 3 different colors, depending on the state of your current filter. If the light shows green, your filter is operating efficiently. A yellow light will appear right before your filter should be replaced. This is the best time to order a new filter and replace the current one. If a red light appears, this means it is time to replace your filter because the filter is too dirty to clean efficiently.

Here's how to replace your Alen BreathSmart FIT50 air purifier filter:

Step 1: 

Make sure your air purifier is unplugged. 

Step 2: 

With the unit standing up, pull on the cover with both hands near the intake vents to release the magnets and remove the cover off of the air purifier.

Step 3:

Remove used filter by pulling the white tab gently. We recommended that you place the used filter in a plastic bag to prevent dust from re-entering the air.

Step 4:

Remove the Filter-Monster replacement filter from its packaging. Make sure the side with the black pre-filter is facing out. Insert the bottom of the filter first, then firmly push top of filter into the air purifier until the filter fits snug.

Step 5:

To put the cover back on, insert the top hooks on the front cover first, and then the bottom part of the cover will snap into place.

Step 6:

After changing the filter, you'll need to reset the filter indicator. Turn the air purifier on and hold the Filter button for 5 seconds to reset. The light above the filter should reset to green.


Now that you know how to replace your filter on your Alen Air Purifier, view our Filter-Monster replacement filters compatible with Alen Air Purifiers to ensure efficiency and clean air!

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