Sustainably Grown Coconut Carbon


Coconut Carbon

Coconut carbon continues to grow in popularity in a variety of filters because of its ability to absorb and capture particles passing through it.

Up to 85-90% of coconut shells are covered in micropores which happen to be the same size as many of the contaminants we don't want in our air and water. This small micropore size makes it ideal for absorbing and capturing these particles.

Sustainably Grown

Many of the raw materials used for carbon are non-renewable resources such as bamboo, willow peat, wood, coir, lignite and coal. 

However, coconuts are a renewable source of carbon compared to these alternatives. Coconuts are grown year-round and harvested up to 4 times each year on trees that can be preserved for many years. 

How We Use It 

Filter-Monster uses coconut carbon in refrigerator water filters and air purifier pre-filters. 

Water Filters

The use of natural, coconut carbon in our water filters helps to absorb and capture contaminants from water passing through. Coconut carbon helps achieve cleaner, healthier drinking water in your home. 


Coconut carbon pre-filters helps reduce common household odors from cooking, cleaning and pets. The pre-filter also captures larger particles before reaching the HEPA filter, extending the life of the HEPA filter. 

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  • Alex Price